Where Is Buckwheat Grown ?

Where Is Buckwheat Grown ?

Buckwheat, one among the extraordinarily fast-growing crops, has several uses. As it is capable of wide adaptation and flexible growth, it was grown on over 1 million acres of land in the United States of America during the late 19th century, despite the fact that it was not a native crop of the country. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were in fact among the first few farmers from the U.S. to sow buckwheat and popularize the advantages of crop rotation.

During the 20th century, buckwheat farming became less common as people began to focus more on specializing in some of the principal commodities. However, in the recent past, a few farmers from northern Missouri began to grow buckwheat under a contract with the chief buckwheat processor. Consequently, the total acreage of buckwheat farms in America has increased significantly to over 70,000 acres, with several million acres being grown worldwide. Nevertheless, Russia, the native country of the crop, is still the largest producer of buckwheat in the world.

Production of buckwheat in the United States is mainly concentrated in areas of the Northern Plains, where the grain is typically sown during early summer. The growing season is long enough to allow the Missouri growers to produce buckwheat as one among the double crops after the wheat harvest. However, in several parts of Missouri, the crop is grown in early August, much after the planting of soybeans. As buckwheat grows very rapidly, it is used in many other U.S. states as the double crop, grown after a variety of spring crops, like flax, spring canola, and oats. Apart from Russia and the United States of America, buckwheat is also grown widely in Eastern Europe and Japan.

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Where Is Buckwheat Grown