How To Harvest Chamomile ?

How To Harvest Chamomile ?

Chamomile, one among the world’s most preferred tea herbs, is known worldwide for its exceptional medicinal and therapeutic properties. You need not spend hundreds of dollars to purchase chamomile products from the market.

If you live in a temperate or Mediterranean region, you can easily grow this herb in your backyard or even indoors. However, to harvest it in the right manner, you need to follow a few important steps as follows:

  • The first and most important step in chamomile harvesting is letting its flowers dry completely. Harvesting must be done either after they open in the mornings or before they close at sunset. Also, make sure the dew drops are dried completely before you harvest the chamomile flowers.
  • You can either make a cut just beneath the flower head or snip the complete stem with the flowers. However, the former method is advisable as the flowers in that case can grow back if the exposed stem apex is pinched.
  • Once the fresh flowers are harvested, turn them upside down to filter off hidden insects or dust.
  • Finally, place all the cleaned flowers in a warm, dry place, away from moisture. You can also air-dry, sun-dry, or oven-dry the flowers. However, storing them in a closed closet is a better idea.
  • The dried flowers can then be stored in airtight jars for up to 6 months.

Although there is a wide variety of medicinal herbs that you can plant and harvest indoors, chamomile is the most preferred and beneficial one. The aforementioned steps make it clear that harvesting chamomile is extremely easy and using it for tea is a cakewalk.

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How To Harvest Chamomile