When To Plant Red Clover ?  

Red clover looks very beautiful in a patch and also makes great fodder for live stock. The wildlife gets a lot of nutrition from this weed and it can cut your food costs for your livestock. Also, it can be used as a cover crop because red clover fixes nitrogen in the soil and the plants thrive on such soil conditions. The soil's quality is improved without the need of fertilizers.

Clovers are easy to grow in any temperate kind of environment. In order to grow red clover, the soil should have good drainage. The best yields are produced when the pH balance of the soil is from 6.0 to 6.5. The soil should have moderate levels pf phosphorus and potassium. You can always get a soil test done before planting in the red clover seeds. You will need to inoculate the clover seeds with bacterium, and you should do this only if it has not been inoculated already.

You will need to seed in the red clover in the grass pasture, or you can also use it as a companion plant with wheat, barley, oats and many other types of grains. For one acre of a plot, you will need ten to twelve pounds of seeds. You should sow the seed about a quarter inch deep and not more than that. You can grow thick clover by playing close attention to the crop. Clover plants grow up to eight inches tall. They look beautiful when they all maintain an equal height.

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When To Plant Red Clover ?




Clover-Seed-Farming      Clovers are very popular flowers in America and everyone knows what it is. Some people look at clovers as a nuisance when they appear on their green lawns and some people willingly grow clover patches. Clover seed farming is actually a very easy process and white clovers especially only need sunlight and they even grow in shade actually. More..




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When To Plant Red Clover ? )
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