What Is Dandelion Root Good For ?  

Dandelion is one of the herbs that has a universal application and can actually treat a range of problems. It has been used for several ages for medicinal purposes. The leaves of dandelion contain good amounts of Vitamins like A, C, D and B. It is also rich in iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium, along with manganese copper, chlorine, calcium, boron and silicon.

Dandelion roots have several detoxifying agents. So, it helps the liver and even the gall bladder. Dandelion roots can also help post menopausal and pregnant women as well. It is a very good food supplement because it has several minerals and vitamins. The roots of the plant also have a diuretic effect on the kidneys and uterus. They prevent kidney stones from occurring and solve minor to major digestive disorders. Dandelion roots seem to have cures for rheumatism as well. It also reduces serum levels and therefore helps to reduce the cholesterol levels.

Here are some of the benefits that the roots of dandelion can directly help.

  • Appetite loss: It can improve the appetite if had daily in consistent amounts.
  • Indigestion: It can also improve indigestion conditions and has laxative effects on the body.
  • Kidney and bladder stones: It prevents the alkaline nature of the uric acid and avoids the formation of kidney stones in the body.
  • Liver and gallbladder problems: It improves the condition of liver and restores its functioning to normal.
  • Urinary tract infections: It also clears infections caused in the urinary tract and reduces burning.

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What Is Dandelion Root Good For ?




Benifits-Of-Dandelion-Tea      Dandelions are one of the most common kinds of weeds that we find growing in odor landscapes. Sometimes they even crop up in the middle of the lawn patch. There are different kinds of dandelions that vary in sizes. Dandelion is also a common herb that has several health benefits for the human body. While dandelion can be consumed, majority of people are known to consume it in the form of a tea. More..




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What Is Dandelion Root Good For ? )
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