Growing Fennel  

Fennel seeds are considered as herbs and also dry fruits. They have great health benefits and are used by herbalists in curing various disorders. It is also known to promote weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolism.

Fennel can be grown at home or in fields. It is a fairly easy plant to grow. The more difficult part is bringing the fennel seeds out of the comb. Fennel seeds are very tiny to look at and they have a ribbed body.

The leaves of the fennel seed plants can also be cooked and eaten along with food and breads. It serves as a vegetable. Everything from the leaves to the seeds and the stock of the plant can be consumed by human beings. Fennel is great for curing all types of digestive disorders including acidity and gas and constipation.

You can either buy fennel seeds for planting from a gardening store and if you have seeds at home you can even plant them. The fennel seed plants can grow more than 2 meters high. The ideal place to plant them is at the backside of an herb bed or in a place where they can get support. The fennel seed needs well drained areas to grow healthy and they can be planted at any time of the year. Fennel is a close relative of dill and they need the same conditions for growing like dill. Moderate weather, good soil with drainage, and moderate sun light is more than enough for the fennel seeds to grow.

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Growing Fennel




How-To-Clean-Fennel      Fennel is a small ribbed seed that is used for consumption and it can be an herb or a dry fruit. It is hard to feel and nice to taste. It has a strong taste though and some people may also dislike it. Fennel is widely known among herbalists for curative properties especially with digestion. It is also known to promote weight loss in people and by having tea made out of fennel the body’s metabolism is increased and also energy making capacity is increased. More..




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