Gentian Side Effects  

Gentian is an ancient herb that has been mentioned in ancient scriptures that are more than 20,000 years old. It has several curative and medicinal properties for which it is famous. The root and the leaves of the gentian plant are used to cure various disorders. It can cure liver disorders, digestive disorders, and increase appetite in children. It is very good as an antiseptic, so it is used along with tincture for a range of infections.

The medicinal properties of the gentian come from its roots. However, even the Gentian leaves are used for cure of various disorders. Gentian can also be used in preparation of some kinds of food. However, gentian, even though, has been known for its medicinal uses, there are some side effects of the herbs that are damaging. Some of the adverse reactions of the gentian tonic include headaches, nausea and vomiting.

Some of the side effects can occur only when you have it in excess. Gentian is sometimes used in alcohol because it enhances the sedative effect. So, having too much of gentian can cause the same sedative effect on you like Bendazapine, and one should not use it too much; especially if it for children, then do not administer more than 10 to 12 drops at a time. Some people use gentian to cure the lack of appetite in children. Also, people with ulcers should avoid having the root. Even pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to avoid the herb. The tincture form of gentian actually also contains alcohol and patients who use it should know about it.

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Gentian Side Effects




Medical-Benefits-Of-Gentian      Gentian is an herb that is famous for its medicinal and curative properties. People since ancient times have been using it to cure a range of medical conditions and common ailments. The herb has been used for nearly two thousand years at the least. Even a small amount of Gentian on an everyday basis can have a lot of medical benefits for people. However, the consumption of herb may not suit specific set of people like breastfeeding or pregnant mothers. It has sedative effects which might be harmful. More..




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