Care Of Japanese Iris  

Japanese iris is not that difficult to care. They just need lot of water and full sunshine. In fact if you have any wet area in your garden then growing iris in that area would be perfectly okay. Japanese iris thrives well in a soil that is little acidic having pH ranging from 5.5 to 6.5. You would notice Japanese iris growing naturally near the wetly areas such as ponds or lakes. For those having garden ponds, Japanese iris would be the perfect choice.

Moist and wet conditions during the spring or summer season yield quite tall Japanese irises. These plants will give larger flowers. Since these plants also require full sun therefore they should be allowed to be given at least six hours of complete sun each day. During extreme summers limited shade will enable prevent the plants from unnecessary heat.

New Japanese iris plants brought from a nursery must be immersed in water overnight prior to plantation. A bed consisting of fertile soil enriched with lot of humus and peat would be appropriate. Construct a trench having a side ridges down to the centre. The crowns of the Japanese iris should now be placed on these ridges with roots spreading towards the sides. Put soil over them such that these are about two inches deep. Remember not to put bone meal or lime into the soil. Simply keep pouring water frequently throughout the developing season.

Japanese iris requires azalea or rhododendron fertilizers that are slightly acidic. These fertilizers should be put just before or after the blossom season. Do not put fertilizers immediately after planting. During the flowering season they need extra nutrients hence require these fertilizers.

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Care Of Japanese Iris




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