How To Grow Iris From Seed ?  

Iris seeds should be planted during the fall winter or during the early spring. One must not delay further nearing late spring or early summer. Before planting immerse the seeds in water filled in a cup or soup bowl. You should leave these seeds in water for minimum forty eight hours to two weeks depending on the quality of seed.

The water, however, should be changed each day. Use a strainer to remove the water this way you will not leave any seed along with water. The seeds are immersed in the water so that the shrunk seeds can plump out and germinate well.

The seeds can be either planted in a container of about one gallon size or can be sowed directly in the ground during fall winter or early spring. If you are planting them in a container, then there should not be more than twenty to twenty five seeds at a particular time. Those who sow seeds directly in the ground need not require immersing them in water. The natural cold winter will help to remove any hindering factors. Therefore, some seeds are required to be sown little early so that they get this cold condition before the actual summer arrives. These conditions will enable them to germinate well. Some exception to this are those seeds which are the result of crosses developed from the re-blooming irises. These seeds do not need any cold winter factors for germination.

Once the seeds have been planted and germinated the next important thing is to keep the soil wet at all time. The aim is to keep the soil moist always which will enable the plant to grow well. If you are germinating them for the first time, then the yield will be almost 55 to 75 percent. From the second year onwards, if proper care is being taken, then the rate of yield will increase up to 80 to 100 percent.

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How To Grow Iris From Seed ?




How-To-Plant-The-Iris      For obtaining the optimum yields iris must be planted during July, August or September. Places where winters are milder and summers are extremes the best time would be then September or October. It is very important that roots of the recently planted iris should get a good hold of the soil before the actual growing season begins. More..




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How To Grow Iris From Seed ? )
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