How To Make Lavender Soap ?  

Sweet aromatic lavender soaps are being liked by most of the people. There are many people who grow lavender in their gardens and want to learn about how to prepare lavender soaps from this flowering plant. These home prepared soaps can be either gifted to others or it can be put up for sale at the local craft fairs.

Read on to find out how to make lavender soap right at home.

Lavender flower imparts a sweet aroma which is very light and gives herbal feeling. Aromatherapy utilizes lavender oil to a great extent for getting relief from stress and muscle spasms. It also helps in promoting relaxation and provides a good sleep at night. In addition to this, it reduces scarring and ugly looking stretch marks. Lavender oil helps in treating skin that has been damaged from the harmful sunlight. It delays development of wrinkles and also treats migraines.

For preparing lavender soaps one has to get hold of pure lavender essential oils. There are synthetically prepared lavender fragrance oils also available in the market and costs less but these only imparts the smell but do not possess any healing properties. To make the soap out of pure oil, at first you need to rub the odorless soap on a tiny grater for handling it easily. Then you have to mix all the ingredients like lavender and beaten oat in the food processor. This mixture has to be heated to an extent to which it can be handles easily. The soft boiled mixture then can be kept in small proportions in a shape mold for getting desired shapes. The mold can be covered with a warm blanket. Once these are cooled naturally, they can be taken out from the molds and your lavender soap is ready to use.

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How To Make Lavender Soap ?




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How To Make Lavender Soap ? )
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