Benefits Of Marjoram  

Since ancient days marjoram has been used by many civilizations as a medicinal herb. Marjoram happens to grow in large quantities in Sicily. People of Italy believed that this herb stops unhappiness. This is a subtle plant with sweet aromatic white flowers and oval shaped green colored flexible leaves.

For ages marjoram tea has been used as tea for treating many health conditions such as insomnia, blood circulation problems and even muscle pains. This herb has unique composition of various nutrients as well micronutrients such as zinc, vitamins like C, D and B3, and several essential oils.

Almost all of us know that how much popular this herb is the kitchen for flavoring various cuisines. Vegetable stews, and soups utilizes this herb to a great extent for flavoring. Well, any Mediterranean salad will be incomplete without addition of marjoram. This herb imparts an excellent aroma that is the reason it is used extensively for seasoning food items like pork, beef, turkey and chicken. It can also be used for preparing egg varieties and cheese dishes. This herb can be utilized in both dried and fresh forms. Use olive oil while you are planning to add marjoram. These two goes excellent together.

Few other benefits of this herb are it can be used as an anti-inflammatory medicine for treating some conditions such as dry cough, flatulence, nausea, asthma, indigestion, colic and various types of digestion problems. Marjoram has been considered useful for treating various types of blood circulation disorders thereby strengthening the blood vessels and supports good heart condition.

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Benefits Of Marjoram




How-To-Grow-Marjoram      Origanum, or popularly known as marjoram, is a perennial herb, that is primarily grown for cooking and herbal reasons. Since, it possesses a sweetish, conifer and citrus like flavor, it can also be titled as a sweet or snarled origanum. It is usually utilized to flavor meats, vegetables, sausages and salads. It also demonstrates as an excellent source for adding scent and flavor to different cuisines. This can even be used as a herbal tea and aromatic bath. More..




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Benefits Of Marjoram )
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