How To Grow Marjoram ?

How To Grow Marjoram ?

Origanum, or popularly known as marjoram, is a perennial herb, that is primarily grown for cooking and herbal reasons. Since, it possesses a sweetish, conifer and citrus like flavor, it can also be titled as a sweet or snarled origanum. It is usually utilized to flavor meats, vegetables, sausages and salads. It also demonstrates as an excellent source for adding scent and flavor to different cuisines. This can even be used as a herbal tea and aromatic bath.

One may even modify its composition a bit and use it as an insect repellent. In ancient times, Romans and Greeks deemed it as the icon of healthiness. This herb has decorative significance too because it goes fine with very small white pale and pink flowers along with gray or green colored leaves. It is very easy to grow marjoram.

Since marjoram is a Mediterranean herb, it desires sunshine. One must, therefore, plant this herb in primal spring. Ensure to search for a covered place, where enough sunshine is available. This herb can grow well in neglected and dry soil also. However it needs a pH ranging from 6.5 to 7.5. The place must be drained properly. This herb can last fine in arid soils also, except that it is advisable to supply the herb with slight moisture.

Marjoram is mostly sluggish to develop. Hence one may implant it indoors, at slightly warmer temperature. Nevertheless, if somebody is residing in a warmer environment, they can even implant it straight away outside. The seeds should be sowed at 1/5 inches in soil and provide at least a gap of 6 inches amid two consecutive seeds. 18 to 24 inches of gap should be kept among each row. The maturation of marjoram seed is just 8 to 14 days.

One may also opt to purchase saplings from the edifice and plant these saplings directly in the backyard. It is advisable to plant this herb nearby seasoning plants like Coriander so that insects are kept away. Though it has fewer number of disease problems, to be on a safer side, one can offer plant with soil less potting mixes, perlite and coco peat, etc, periodically.

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How To Grow Marjoram ?