How To Kill A Bull Nettle ?

How To Kill A Bull Nettle ?

Bull nettle, also known as stinging nettle, is a weed that has yellow flowers and fruits shaped like berries. This weed can result in an allergy and cause burning and excruciating pain when it is not handled correctly. It is prevalent throughout the US, and is resistant to drought and quite difficult to get rid of. Nonetheless, you can get rid of bull nettle with a little care.

If you intend to kill bull nettle, then first dress up correctly to avoid coming in contact with the weed. Make sure that you wear jeans to protect your legs, a long sleeved shirt to protect your arms and thick gloves made from leather to protect the delicate skin of your palms. Then, using a bill hook, cut away the foliage and stem of the weed. This will ensure that you will not suffer from irritation when pulling out the actual plant from the root.

Now, take a spade and start digging to the base of the root system. Loosen out as much soil as possible, so that you pull out the plant along with its root. Make sure that you take out the entire root as a whole. In 2 weeks time, you will have to use the same procedure to pull out young bull nettle plants which may grow if the roots get broken during the pulling out process.

The remaining bull nettle growth can be mowed down using a lawnmower and this should be done on an ongoing process.

If you want to use a chemical to kill a bull nettle, then settle brush control herbicide. This herbicide should be applied in late spring first and then again in early summer when the soil tends to be wet. Not only will the herbicide kill bull nettle, it will also help to kill other nettles like horse nettle and also weeds.

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•Aloe Vera •Arnica •Artichoke •Asparagus
•Barberry • Basil •Bean •Bindweed
•Buckwheat •Castor Oil •Chamomile • Cider
•Clover •Dandelion •Fennel •Fern
•Garlic •Gentian •Ginseng •Horseradish
•Hot Pepper •Iris •Lavender •Marjoram
•Milk Thistle •Mistletoe •Mullein •Mustard
•Nettle •Onion •Peach •Pumpin
•Rosemary •Sea Buckthorn •Soy •Thyme
•Wheat •Wormwood    



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How To Kill A Bull Nettle ?