Wheat And Food Crisis Around The World ?  

Satisfying the ever-growing demands of people is becoming increasingly difficult on a daily basis. Wheat along with rice forms the staple dietary source for people the world over. It is a concentrated source of energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

However, in the last few decades, the increase in population has lead to an increased demand in the agriculture industry. Major food crops like wheat, rice, etc. have dwindled in large numbers. The tremendous change in climatic conditions due to increased human activity, the release of toxic gases in the atmosphere along with massive destruction of trees for industrial purposes has lead to irreparable damages to the environment and its surroundings. Because every plant is dependent on the other, destroying one could lead a series of reactions destroying everything in and around the area. Soil erosion has created havoc for wheat cultivators. Again, erosion is a direct result of deforestation.

Several new pests and microorganisms are adding to the already existing problem. Ug99 in particular has managed to destroy thousands of wheat plants. This wheat rust was initially discovered in Uganda but has spread to countries as far as Iran. It has four different species until date. The scientists are still trying to figure out a perfect cure. These organisms can travel in air and spread from one country to another in multiple ways. They are extremely difficult to detect too. The chances of Ug99 rust spreading far and wide are magnanimous.

Meeting the demands of billions of people the world over has become more challenging than ever before.

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Wheat And Food Crisis Around The World ?




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Wheat And Food Crisis Around The World ? )
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