Benefits Of Houseplant Water Timer  

Water timers are highly useful for those families where the members frequently travel or remain absent from home for long periods. Many products are available in the market for automatically watering the plants for these times. Timers allow you to automatically schedule watering during your absence. The main parts of the system are decorative a water reservoir, connecting tube and pump.

Some of them can store watering requirements for more than a month. You can choose those options that run on battery and does not require electrical backup as you may want to switch off the central electrical lines while traveling. Water drippers conserve water by watering just about adequate amount required during regular intervals. Circulation tubing ensures watering for all the plants. You can choose the water dripping rates and also the number of days for the operation to run continuously.

Some of the more sophisticated systems provide sprinklers and sprayers in addition to dripping facilities. The battery efficiently operates for long hours and the operating life is as long as 1 year. Water pressures can also be varied according to the requirements. 

Energy saving options is available for these systems where you can operate with solar power. User-friendly electronic displays and flexible programming options allow you to easily set the time and duration. Rechargeable batteries are provided so that you can reuse the batteries. 

Override facilities detect the moisture and if the plants are over-watered, watering level can be further controlled. This is very useful in case of rains.

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Benefits Of Houseplant Water Timer




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Benefits Of Houseplant Water Timer )
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