Hydrangea As Houseplant  

Growing hydrangea as a houseplant is not an easy task to accomplish. This is because there are so many things that this plant needs and you have to give a lot of tender and loving care to ensure it blooms well.

The plant requires full sun along with proper moisture. However, during peak summer one needs to reduce the amount of sun these hydrangeas get and during winter increase the amount of sun. They also need humid conditions to make them live. Since the climate inside the house is dry adding mulch and watering regularly is a must for hydrangeas.

Just like any other plant, hydrangeas also need to be fertilized every week by using a water soluble fertilizer. Some of the water soluble fertilizers that can be used are Miracle Grow, Rapid Grow or Peters. One also needs to pay proper attention to pruning of the plants. They need to be pruned immediately after they bloom since this will encourage the growth of new flower buds. Though these plants need enough sun, they need to be kept in a cool environment for proper blooming. Hence, they should not be exposed to sunlight always but only for a certain amount of time.

One thing about hydrangeas is that these plants are used as houseplants only for a temporary basis. On most occasions, the conditions inside a house are not good enough for long term growth of hydrangeas and the light levels are a major contributor to this. It might be a better idea to grow hydrangeas outside and one might be able to do it successfully and in a better way.

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Hydrangea As Houseplant




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