Red Velvet Houseplant  

The red velvet houseplant is a flowering plant which is very fragrant and a plant that everyone will want to grow for its beauty. Some of the red velvet houseplants bloom right from late spring to early fall. They require full sunlight but can also grow in partial shade.

The red velvet houseplants have average water needs. However, they do need to be watered on a regular basis. These plants have an average height of 24 inches to 32 inches and they generally flower during mid summer.  

There is another type of red velvet houseplant which can even grow in dry locations. This type of house plant has fern like leaves and the flowers of this plant bloom in flat corymbs only in the early summer. These have tiny yellow centers. They may not grow well in wet soil but otherwise they are tolerant to a wide range of soils. This type of red velvet house plant grows best in full sun. A unique feature about this plant is that though these plants need full sun to bloom well, these flowers does not fade away. The height of this type of houseplant is about 18 inches tall and about 15 inches wide.

You can use water soluble fertilizers every two weeks as per label instructions. These flowers are believed to attract a lot of butterflies if planted outdoors and at the same time it is believed that the deer do not eat these flowers.

A red velvet houseplant is definitely a must have for any plant lover.

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Red Velvet Houseplant




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