What Houseplants Require Full Sun ?

What Houseplants Require Full Sun ?

It is common knowledge that houseplants need proper sunlight for their growth, but many people may not be aware that some house plants may grow well in partial sunlight, while there are others that will grow only in direct sunlight.

Houseplants such as basil, parsley and coriander are excellent choices to be grown in full sun. Regal pelargonium, zonal geraniums, ivy geraniums and petunias grow well in the summers, in full sunlight. Bougainvilleas are plants which love the sun and there is one particular type of bougainvillea which can also be grown in pots and is known as Raspberry Ice. Another flower plant called as Ixora grows very well during the summers.

Apart from those mentioned above, plants like Abyssinian gladiolus or Sword lily, Summer breeze, Mosquito plant, Pacific Chrysanthemum, Mescal , Hollyhock, Chinese spinach or Tampala, Snap dragons, Blue Pimpernel, Angelonia and Anise hyssop are some of the flowering plants that require full sun. If you are is looking for houseplants without flowers, then you can consider plants like Sharkskin, American aloe or Century plant. Though these plants do not have flowers, their leaves are very eye catching and they have an architectural splendor which makes them a good choice for houseplants.

Hence, if someone is looking out for houseplants that require full sun and can grow well in summers, then they can take a look at the above mentioned plants. There is no dearth of options for people who wish to grow flowering and non-flowering plants in full sun. By choosing the right houseplants you can add unmatchable décor and beauty to your home.

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What Houseplants Require Full Sun