Benefits Of Manures In Organic Gardening

Benefits Of Manures In Organic Gardening

Manure is used in organic gardening a lot because it replenishes nutrients in the soil. Manure is replete with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements and stimulants for soil microorganism. In addition, it can increase the water holding capacity of the soil based on the organic matter that the manure contains and thereby preventing compaction and leaching of nutrients.

Benefits of Manure in Organic Gardening:

Here are some benefits of manure in organic gardening:

  • Enhances macro and micro nutrients in the soil
  • Responsible for adding small quantities of trace elements
  • Improves the structure of the soil
  • Increases the amount of microorganisms in the soil
  • Helps to improve the overall health of the plant
  • It is a low cost organic fertilizer

Although any type of manure is good for organic gardening, it is advisable to used aged manure that is rich in organic matter like sawdust and straw. You can easily age manure in a compost pit or by covering small piles of it. Fresh manure is high in nitrogen and this can burn plants.

You should not use more than 19 liters or 5 gallon of manure in 100 square feet or 9.3 square meters. This is the rule for manure that is low in nitrogen and the quantity should be decreased for manure that has high content of nitrogen.

Manure from carnivores should not be used as there is risk of transmitting diseases and parasites to humans. Therefore, manure from dogs and cats should be avoided. Another thing to remember is that manure from cattle and steer can have high levels of salt with low levels of organic matter. That is why this type of manure should be used prudently.

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Benefits Of Manures In Organic Gardening