Organic Gardening In Pots

Organic Gardening In Pots

If you are health conscious, you must be buying all your organic vegetables from a grocery store. However, this can be an expensive affair if it continues for months together. You can now grow your own organic vegetables in your home. Even if you live in an apartment, or do not have space in your garden for a vegetable, you can still grow organic vegetables.

The best way to go about is growing organic vegetables and herbs in pots. Organic gardening in pots can be fulfilling experience, especially for those who live in small spaces and apartments. It gives you access to fresh organic vegetables and herbs with just a little bit of work and regular watering of the plants. This is how you can go about organic gardening in pots.

First of all get plants that are around eighteen inches in diameter and fourteen inches in depth. You can opt for bigger planters if you have the necessary space. Planters can be barrels or made out of clay or terra cotta. Fill the pots will soil that is organic in nature. Then place the pots in trays. This way they will retain the water. However, before putting the soil, do put in some pebbles at the bottoms to facilitate the drainage of water from the roots.

Make sure that the soil is around four inches from the rim of the pot. Then plant the organic seedlings in the soil. In case you are planting seeds, plant them in late winter or the early part of spring.

You can grow leafy green vegetables like lettuce, kale and chard; herbs like cilantro, basil and parsley; and small vegetables like bush beans, radish and plants with edible flowers using organic gardening in pots.

When growing plants from seeds, you will need to water the pot everyday until the seeds germinate. Once the seedling break open to the surface of the soil, water them only when you find the top soil looking dry. In case of seedlings, water on a daily basis until the plants become a few inches tall and start looking robust and healthy.

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Organic Gardening In Pots