Organic Gardening Tips For Getting Rid Of Caterpillars  

If you have caterpillars in your garden, you must be already wishing that they skip the caterpillar stage and move directly to the pupa stage so that they can become beautiful colorful butterflies. However, just to let you know that not all caterpillars turn into butterflies. Some become moths or worms.

Caterpillars are voracious eaters and usually when you have them in your garden, they are considered as pests because they tend to cause a lot of damage to vegetables, fruits, flowers and anything else that grows in the garden. And if you want to get rid of caterpillars, you would have to strip the leaves from all the trees and plants in your garden. That is how difficult it is to get rid of them.

Here are some organic gardening tips for getting rid of caterpillars:

  • Handpicking caterpillar may be tedious job but it is definitely one the most environmentally friendly methods. Of course, this method is not fool-proof because you can miss some as they may have an excellent camouflage making it difficult for you to spot them.
  • You can introduce predatory birds, lizards, frogs and wasps in your garden. These animals and insects usually feed on caterpillars to get their protein requirement. Although this method is highly effective in reducing caterpillar, you have to careful as your garden could get saddled with another pest.
  • Non-toxic organic sprays are available that you can spray on plants and these prevent caterpillars from munching on them. You can even create your own spray by mixing garlic cloves and chili in water.
  • Crop rotation is an excellent way to get rid of caterpillars, especially those that feed only on one type of plant. However, this method is not effective for caterpillars that feed on any and everything they come across.

As you can see that no single method is completely effective in getting rid of caterpillars. However, you can try a combination of methods to help reduce the caterpillar population in your organic garden.

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Organic Gardening Tips For Getting Rid Of Caterpillars




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