How To Make Organic Plant Food ?

How To Make Organic Plant Food ?

If you are into organic gardening, then you should know How To Make Organic Plant Food ? at home. This will not only save you money, but it will help your plants grow well and also benefit your health. By making your own organic plant food, you ensure that your plants are not exposed to chemicals, and you end up giving the soil all the nutrients it might be lacking.

Here is a simple and easy method that will show you how to make organic plant food:

First of all, get some stinging nettles to add to your homemade organic plant food. You can either buy these plants online, or you may be have them growing in your garden, depending on the place you are living in. Stinging nettles are commonly found across North America and Europe and they are considered to be weeds.

Once you lay your hands on the stinging nettles, plant them into pots. Refrain from planting them in your garden as they can overrun the place in no time. When the plants reach a high of one foot, cut some stems off. The stems should be young and succulent. Then use a pair of scissors to cut the stems into pieces. Crush these pieces roughly using any blunt instrument. This will help to release the natural oils stored in the stems.

Now fill an airtight container with water. For every two pounds of nettle, use around one gallon of water. You can also add a handful of cut organic grass. Then submerge the nettles in the water. Make sure you add some weight on the nettles to ensure that they stay under water. Now place the lid on the container and keep it away for around two to four weeks.

After that open the container and use a sieve to strain out the resultant liquid. In order to use this liquid in your garden, dilute one part of the liquid with six parts of water. This mixture can then be used to as an organic plant food to nourish the plants growing in your garden. It can be safely used for vegetables, herbs, fruits and ornamental plants.

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