Monitoring Soil Erosion  

Soil erosion is a problem in developing as well developed nations. Many countries, irrespective of their socio-economic status, are facing soil erosion and this is gradually leading to barren lands, desertification and drought. That is why governments and private organizations have now started monitoring soil erosion in places that are prone to it.

Monitoring of soil erosion gives as idea about how much soil is being eroded due to numerous factors and where the soil is be deposited. Many private organizations have used various technologies to come up with sensors that help to monitor the true level of soil erosion. However, in some parts of the world still manual methods such as using erosion pin and surveying are used. While these methods give some indication of soil erosion, it only reveals the change between two visits.

Therefore, the actual impact of the erosion cannot be determined. On the other hand, advanced sensors that are placed in the area give constant data and allow scientists to see firsthand the effect of soil erosion and the amount of soil being eroded.

The concept of monitoring soil erosion is extremely important for any nation. Once they know that a particular place is suffering from soil erosion, remedial steps can be taken. These steps could involve planting of trees, improving agricultural practices or teaching the locals better soil management or irrigation techniques. So, before the land gets irreversibly damaged and becomes completely barren, measures can be taken to rectify the problem. However, in order for this to be successful, it has be to a collective effort with locals, government and private sector working together.

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Monitoring Soil Erosion




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Monitoring Soil Erosion )
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