Best Organic Soil Mix For Vegetable Garden

Best Organic Soil Mix For Vegetable Garden

The most important part of vegetable gardening is ensuring that the soil is properly mixed. The soil has to be rich in nutrients, and have good aeration and drainage so that your vegetable plants grow well and yield vegetables just as you imagined they would.

That is why you need to know what is the best organic mix for a vegetable garden as an ideal soil usually contains a minimum of 20 percent organic matter and this helps to improve drainage, aeration and nutrient-holding capacity of the soil.

Usually to improve organic content in soil, people use sawdust, dust from barks of trees, manure and/or compost. However, care should be taken to add additional nitrogen in the soil when you are using sawdust bark dust.

It has been seen that usually soils contain around 5 percent organic matter but at times this amount may not be sufficient to grow best vegetable plants. That is why organic matter is added to the soil so that it gets a good texture and is replete with nutrients required by the plants.

Many experts believe that the best way to add organic matter into soil is through composting or mulching. And the best part is that you can add the two generously right round the year. The idea is to increase biological activity in the soil so that the nutrients will be available for your vegetable plants to absorb. You can also think about adding leaves or straw at the end of each growing season so that the soil gets a helping hand with organic matter when spring sets in.

The best organic soil mix for a vegetable garden should contain 1/3 soil, 1/3 peat and 1/3 compost per square foot of the vegetable patch. If you do not have peat, you can substitute it with bark mulch or coir. Another recipe calls for 1/3 compost, 1/3 organic vermiculite and 1/3 peat. This is best for raised vegetable beds.

Remember organic matter in the soil will deplete with time and that is why you need to keep giving it a boost by regularly adding compost, mulch and organic fertilizers.

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Best Organic Soil Mix For Vegetable Garden