Best Time To Plant Vegetable Garden

Best Time To Plant Vegetable Garden

If you are interested in having your own vegetable garden, you must be wondering when is the best time to plant your vegetable garden. Unfortunately, there is no fixed answer for this because the best time to plant vegetable garden depends on where you live.

Usually when it comes to planting a vegetable garden, you have to take the hardiness zone of your area into consideration. This will determine whether you need to plant your vegetable plants directly into the soil or initially start planting them indoors. Once you have the hardiness zone of your area, you can either plant the seeds into the soil or go with seedlings.

There are some vegetables that can be planted in early spring. These vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onion and Brussels sprout. You can also plant some types of lettuce during this period. These are plants that are adapted to tolerate frost. Usually spring in most parts will start somewhere between early April to late April and you should be planning to plant these vegetables then.

There are other vegetables that cannot tolerate late frost and include peppers, tomato, eggplant and certain types of lettuce. If you think you are going to get late frost during the time you are planting these vegetables, make sure you cover them to protect them. Come morning, you can remove the cover so that they can get their fill of sunlight.

Vegetable plants that have tender leaves can be planted in early spring but make sure that you use hot caps to cover them. These hot caps work like mini-greenhouses and prevent the plants from getting damaged by late frost. These vegetables include cucumber, melon and squash.

Usually when you buy seeds, the packet will give you information as to when is the best time to plant that particular seed. This will give you a fair idea. If you are buying seedlings, you can also ask the nursery to give you the information.

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Best Time To Plant Vegetable Garden