Growing Vegetables During A Drought

Growing Vegetables During A Drought

Drought is never a good experience for anyone, especially those who are into growing vegetables. However, you can grow vegetables during a drought and what you need to do is opt for vegetables that are drought resistant and require very little water to grow.

Drought resistant vegetables are those that have adapted themselves to survive with less water for a certain period of time. Usually these vegetables require only 1 to 2 inches of water during the growing season each week. However, this is not fixed as the water requirement can vary depending on what stage of growth the plant is in.

So, when it comes to growing vegetables during a drought, opt for warm season vegetables like tomatoes and squash. These vegetables will grow better in drought conditions compared to cool season ones. Even vegetables like beans, asparagus, corn, leeks, okra, pumpkin, parsnip, carrot and sweet potato can be grown during drought.

For growing vegetables in drought, you should learn to recycle water that you use at home. This means recycling bath water and water used to wash dishes. However, do not use water with soap and chemicals. This water can be used to fulfill the water requirements of the drought resistant plants during their growing cycle. In addition, you should be looking to water each plant based on its stage of development, rather than randomly watering.

In addition, cover the ground with mulch to prevent water loss after watering and keeping the roots cool. Always opt for hand watering rather than hose watering. You can even build a temporary windbreak next to your vegetable garden to protect the vegetables from the dry winds that are prevalent during long periods of drought.

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Growing Vegetables During A Drought