Growing Vegetables In Containers  

If anyone tells you that you need land to grow vegetables, the person is lying to you. You can easily grow vegetables in containers and almost any vegetable can be grown using this method. Ideally vegetables that take little space are perfect and these include carrots, radishes and lettuce. You can also grow vegetables like tomatoes and peppers in containers.

When growing vegetables in containers, you need to first select the container. You can use almost anything like buckets, wooden boxes, window planters, flower pots, wash tubs, large food cans and even plastic bags. Once you have zeroed in on the container, make sure you drill a hole at the bottom of the container to allow drainage of excess water. Try not to use dark colored containers as they will absorb heat and damage the roots. In case, you have only dark colored containers, paint them to a lighter shade or color. The size of the container is very important in this method of vegetable gardening. If you want to grow large vegetables like tomatoes or eggplant, you will need a five gallon container.

Avoid using soil in your container garden. Instead opt for synthetic soil mixes that are available. The best are peat-based mixes that contain vermiculite and peat. These mixes will ensure that enough air and water penetrate the roots. You can mix one part compost to two parts synthetic soil mix to ensure that your container vegetable garden gets adequate nutrients. Also, use a slow releasing organic fertilizer so that the plants get enough nutrients throughout their growing season.

Remember, container vegetable garden has to be watered more often than conventional vegetable garden. Check the containers everyday and make sure that the soil mix is moist. If not, water immediately. Do not allow the plants to wilt before watering.

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Growing Vegetables In Containers




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