Vegetable Gardening In A Green House  

The biggest advantage of having a vegetable garden in a greenhouse is that you do not have to dependent on the season to grow your vegetables. The greenhouse will provide you with a controlled environment that is conducive to growing vegetables all year round.

The only problem with a greenhouse is the limited amount of space. However, by adding shelves in the greenhouse, you can end up with a lot of space to grow vegetables.

Here are some helpful tips for vegetable growing in a greenhouse:

  • Before installing the greenhouse, the most important thing that you need to do is look for an appropriate location. Vegetable gardening in a greenhouse means that you should ensure that the plants get as much as sunlight as possible at any time of the year. The longer side of the greenhouse should receive as much sunlight as possible and this is to help the plants manufacture food. You should not have any tall trees in the vicinity obstructing the sunlight onto the roof of the greenhouse.
  • The temperature in the greenhouse is controlled and you have to use the limited space to grow vegetables. That is why greenhouses are made from glass or plastic to maximize the penetration of sunlight and restrict the exposure of the plants to harmful environmental elements. In addition, the greenhouse should have some form of ventilation, in case it gets too warm. Remember, the greenhouse structure should be such that allows you maintain the temperature as well as provide the right temperature for maximum growth of the plants.
  • Any vegetable can be grown in a greenhouse. However, some vegetables grow more easily than others and these include tomatoes, carrots and radishes. In order to grow root vegetables, you will need deep pots or containers to facilitate growth while tomatoes can be grown using twine and string. You can also grow a variety of herbs and spices in different pots and shallow containers.
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Vegetable Gardening In A Green House




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