Vegetable Gardening With Teens

Vegetable Gardening With Teens

Getting teens interested in your hobby of vegetable gardening can be quite troublesome. It is not because teenagers are not interested in vegetable gardening. It has more to do with the stage of the growth and development they are in. Teenagers are at a phase where they are trying to find their identities and place in the society.

That is why when it comes to vegetable gardening with teens, you should not try to force your idea of natural beauty on them. Rather you should try to make them see how healthy eating fresh vegetables can be for their skin, hair and acne problem. This should get them mildly interested. Also, you can highlight conversationally how good vegetable gardening is to relieve stress.

Once that interest is raised in teens, you can encourage them to grow their own vegetables and make a pact with them that they will be fed only those vegetables that they grow themselves.

Teenagers are normally not keen on eating vegetables and this could be a good way of introducing vegetables in their diet. In fact, research has shown that children and teens are more likely to eat vegetables that they pick themselves.

You can develop a vegetable patch for your teen which he or she has to tend themselves. This means choosing a spot that gets plenty of sun and nearly 8 hours of sunlight in a day. A small patch should be more than enough to get your teen started. This is an excellent way to teach your teenager to take responsibility.

You can select the vegetables that your teenager can grow and start with spring vegetables like cabbage, celery, lettuce, parsley, peas, radishes, spinach, cucumbers, okra, squash and tomatoes.

Make sure that your teenager takes ownership for the vegetable garden and the only way he or she is going to do it is if he or she actually grows the vegetables right from planting the seeds, maintaining the plants and harvesting the vegetables.

If your teenager does not want to get into vegetable gardening, you can offer to use his or her services for a few hours each day and inform the teen that he or she will be suitably compensated for the work. This should also get the teen into vegetable gardening as all teens are constantly looking for ways to earn more money.

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Vegetable Gardening With Teens