What Is Baby Corn ?

What Is Baby Corn ?

Baby corn is also called candle corn. It is a cereal grain that comes from the regular corn like maize. It is called baby corn because it is harvested early. The ear is very small and immature when they are harvested. All baby corns are hand picked, and they are plucked as soon as the silky threads emerge from the ear tips.

Corn is a very fast growing crop, and it can mature very fast. In order to harvest the baby corn, proper timing is essential. People who harvest baby corn visit the crop frequently in one single day to check the size of the corn as soon as the buds emerge. The moment they see the right size, the farmers pluck them. It may be done in several batches, and that is why baby corn is always hand picked in order to avoid mature corns.

There are two varieties of baby corn. One is white in color and the other is yellow in color. Most of the baby corn is produced in Taiwan and Thailand. People eat the whole baby corn. The seeds are not separated from the stock unlike the full grown corn. Baby corn can be eaten raw, and also after being cooked. Even after cooking, baby corn remains the same in appearance and does not change its properties much. It can be very tasty, and lends its own flavor to the food. In most cook books in the United States, it is referred to as candle corn.


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What Is Baby Corn