Health nutrition of baby corn - Where does baby corn come from

Health Nutrition Of Baby Corn        Baby corn is a miniature corn, and is also known as Chinese corn. They are much smaller in size compared to the regular corn. They also grow on stems.


Baby corn is very tasty to eat, and can be used in several types of cuisines and meal preparations. People across the world have their own recipes to make with baby corn. Baby corn is also good for health. The health and nutritional values of corn are high and beneficial.More...



Where Does Baby Corn Come From ?

Where Does Baby Corn Come From

Baby corn, also known as candle corn, miniature corn or Chinese corn, is not a separate species of plant. It comes from the same corn that we grow and the one that is used to make pop corn. It is small in size because it is plucked early.

Baby corns are actually the immature ears of the regular corn. It is the same variety as the sweet corn. Usually baby corn is harvested within four days after the buds and the silk emerge from it. More...





How Is Baby Corn Grown ?

How Is Baby Corn Grown

If you wish to eat tasty home grown corn, then you need to know how to grow and harvest baby corn. You should start the process in summer. Baby corn is very popular in Asian cooking and these days, it is commonly found in salad bars across the United States. Baby corn is also processed and sold in tins or jars.More...





Recipes For Baby Corn

Recipes For Baby Corn

Baby corn is a very tasty vegetable. It is used commonly in Asian cuisines. You can find it is Chinese, Thai, Malaysian and Indian cuisines. People have them in soups, noodles, and meat and chicken preparations. They also make individual preparations with baby corn.More...


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