How To Grow Pole Beans ?

How To Grow Pole Beans ?

Growing beans can be quite a fun experience, and it does not need any kind of expertise as one would think. Pole beans can be grown in your vegetable garden or backyard in a very simple manner. Let us find out how to grow pole beans in the easiest of ways.

Remember that beans grow better in a warm climate and not in cooler temperatures. Hence, make sure that the soil that you plan to use is completely drained and well fertilized. Make sure you prepare the soil with a right mixture of manure and compost, and do not forget to wait until the last traces of frost are completely gone, preferably after a week of all the frost disappearing after spring.

Pole beans are flat and rounded, and also have a very distinct flavor. These beans should be planted a week or two later than the other beans. Pole beans are vine-growing plants, and can grow almost anywhere. However, pole beans require support from things like bamboos, string, trellis or even a ladder. If you do not find any of these to lend support, you can use your sunflowers or corn stalks as a support too.

Pole beans can be planted in a row or as a hill with a little space between; you can also plant the support stalks along with the beans so that once they grow they would be nice and straight. Pole beans need adequate moisture to grow well, so, watering them weekly once or more often during dry weather would make them grow better. Since beans are susceptible to lots of insects, you may need to spray soapy water to get rid of them. 


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