Scientific names of beans - Why do jumping beans jump? - How to cook butter beans?

What Do Butter Beans Look Like ?

Butter beans, also known as Lima beans, are seeds, but are considered to belong to the vegetable family. Butter beans belong to the genus and species of Phaseolus lunatus and have two main varieties. These beans have high content of protein and are very healthy when included in your everyday diet.More...

How To Sprout Fava Beans ?

How To Sprout Fava Beans

Fava beans have a nutritional value and are much healthier than dried beans. It is a well known fact that fava beans have a high source of protein that can help fight hypertension and Parkinson's disease. Fava beans can be used in salads, soups and sandwiches and since they are stored with energy to grow into sprouts, they remove the fats and oils and replace them with protein.More...


How To Grow Pole Beans ?

How To Grow Pole Beans

Growing beans can be quite a fun experience, and it does not need any kind of expertise as one would think. Pole beans can be grown in your vegetable garden or backyard in a very simple manner. Let us find out how to grow pole beans in the easiest of ways.More...


How To Cook Butter Beans ?

How To Cook Butter Beans

You can cook butter beans in a variety of dishes. However; you need to bear in mind that if you do not soak them overnight, it could result in a stomach upset to all those who eat them. So, do not make any attempt to cook themwithout soaking them. Remember to place the butter beans the previous evening in a large bowl or a big mouthed basin and pour lots of cold water to soak them completely.More...


Why Do Jumping Beans Jump ?

Why Do Jumping Beans Jump

Jumping beans, also known as Mexican beans, are scientifically called Sebastiania palmeri or Sebastiania pavoniana. These beans are a native to Mexico and are known in Spanish as brincadores. These jumping beans look similar to small types of beans and are tan or brown colored. The reason they are called jumping beans is because they do jump. But the question is Why Do Jumping Beans Jump ?.More...


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