How Do You Cook Raw Beets ?

How Do You Cook Raw Beets ?

Eating raw beets is the best way to get the wholesome goodness of nutrients, vitamins and iron from the vegetable. However; there are some of us who like to cook and then devour them. For those of us who do not know how to cook raw beets, here are a few ways to go about cooking raw beets.

Beets often are covered with dirt from the soil if they are straight from your garden or even from the market. Remember to wash the beets thoroughly to remove all the dirt that clings to the top of the beet. Once you are done with the washing, cut off the top of the beets, about 3 inches from the base. If you do not want to spill the juices of the beet and want some support when cleaning or peeling away the skin of the beet, let the tops of the beet remain. 

To cook raw beets, you need to place them in a large pan filled with water. Put the beets in and bring the water to a boil. Beets need to be cooked until tender. Hence, once the beet reaches boiling point, simmer and cover the pan with a lid to allow the beets to cook till they are done completely. You can use a fork or a sharp knife to check occasionally if they are fully done and then remove from flame.

Immerse the beets in cold water to peel. The tough part of the skin will come away easily and you are ready to use them for salads or adding color to other food or drinks. 


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How Do You Cook Raw Beets