How To Store Beets ?

How To Store Beets ?

Beet is a vegetable that is good to cook and even better to eat. They look stunning in any vegetable garden, adding charm with its green and red foliage. So, how does one store the beets that are harvested? If this is the question running in your mind with a garden filled with ready-to-harvest beets, then read on to know more about how to store them with very little trouble.

When your beets are ready for harvesting, you can remove them from the soil by pulling at the greens or digging them out of the ground. Remember to remove beets when they are young and tender for extra flavor. If you want to store your beets for a short term, then all you need to do is to place the unwashed beets in plastic bags and keep them in the crisper part of your refrigerator to last you for about two to three weeks. If you want the beets to last longer; you can remove the greens though not completely. Leave about an inch of the stem before removing the greens to help the beets last longer. If you decide to retain your beets for a longer period, freeze them in the deep freeze. Beets that are frozen can stay in storage for about a year.

If three weeks is also too short a period for you and you want to extend the life of your beets, place the unwashed beets in a moist and cool part of your home and cover them with saw dust or sand. This will help them last longer without requiring the need to be frozen.

The greens do not have to be discarded. You can place them in plastic bags in the same way as the beets, and store in the crisper section. However, beet greens would last only for a couple of days, and you would have to use them pretty quickly.


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