Beets health benefit - Why are beets healthy? - How do you cook raw beets?

Beets Health Benefit

Though it may not be at the top of everyone's favorite type of vegetable, let us face it. Beets are a good source of carbohydrates, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. A cup of raw beets contains phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. Beets are rich in fiber, niacin and biotin. Pregnant women are highly recommended to eat beets since they are said to contain folic acid which can reduce the risks of spina bifida and other neural tube defects in the newborn.More...

How To Grow Beets ?

How To Grow Beets

Growing beets is moderately easy. In fact, it is not a hassle compared to growing other vegetables. If you are planning to grow beets, makes sure you find a place in your vegetable garden that has ample access to the direct sunlight and has light soil.More...



How Long Do You Boil Beets ?

How Long Do You Boil Beets

Cooking beets is pretty simple, and is not much of a fuss when compared to cooking other vegetables. Before you decide to boil the beets, remember to wash them thoroughly so as to remove any mud or dirt from the beet or the top. If you cut off both ends before washing, it could save you a lot of time trying to get the dirt out of the tops and the bottom. Remember to trim of the ends before boiling.More...


How Do You Cook Raw Beets ?

How Do You Cook Raw Beets

Eating raw beets is the best way to get the wholesome goodness of nutrients, vitamins and iron from the vegetable. However; there are some of us who like to cook and then devour them. For those of us who do not know how to cook raw beets, here are a few ways to go about cooking raw beets.More...



How To Peel Beets ?

How To Peel Beets

Peeling beets could be difficult with all the messy kitchen place and pink hands that they leave behind. To peel beets the right way and to avoid the mess is a big problem, but with a few easy steps, you should have some smooth beets without too much problem.More...



What Vitamins Are In Beets ?

What Vitamins Are In Beets

Beets have always been a vegetable most of us stay away from, but did you know the amount of vitamins that are present in beets? There are different varieties of beets, ranging from red to white, yellow and striped. And though beets are sweet, this sweetness has nothing to do with increasing your calorie intake.More...



Why Are Beets Healthy ?

Why Are Beets Healthy

Beets are a healthy source of vitamins and minerals that are required for different functions of the body. They are suitable for anemic people, to tone and rebuild the functions of the liver, and they are also good for those looking to slim down or lose some weight.More...


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