Effects Of Too Much Carrot Juice  

There is only one side effect of too much carrot juice, and that is it turns your skin a light orange. This is especially visible in the palms and feet. It should soon disappear if you reduce your intake of carrot juice. Otherwise the only people who need to take carrot juice with caution are diabetics. They need to consult a dietician or nutritionist to see if it is advisable for them to take carrots or carrot juice due to the natural sugar content.

Even when your skin turns orange from having too much carrot juice, there are no other adverse effects. In fact, most people can safely consume up to three carrots a day without any side effects. The only exception to this rule is a diabetic who can take at the most one carrot a day.

As the benefits of carrot and carrot juice far outweigh the adverse effects of carrot juice, it is advisable to take carrots every day in your meals. Carrots can be prepared in a variety of ways all of which retain the nutrients of this wonder vegetable. Just make it a regular practice to include carrots in your menus and your health will be far superior than it is now. You can cook carrots or eat them raw. You can even juice carrots and drink them up. All these varieties are very beneficial to us. As with any food group, one should not overdo it. Carrots too should be had in moderation, though they can be had everyday.

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Effects Of Too Much Carrot Juice




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