How To Grow Carrot ?

How To Grow Carrot ?

Carrots are a hardy vegetable that survives all over the world. They grow well in cold climates as well. Just ensure that the soil is loose, and there are no hard lumps or rocks as these will deform the carrot’s shape. The amount of nitrogen in the soil should not be too high as it will cause multiple roots to form instead of a single root.

The texture of the soil should be consistent and it should drain well. Avoid water logging and spots prone to water logging. You can add compost to the soil, again in moderation. Too much nutrients will cause the carrots to fork.

Grow your carrots on raised beds. Uneven soil can hamper the growth of the tap root and you will end up with uneven shaped carrots. Carrots can also be grown in containers, though you need deep containers for them. You can grow carrots directly from seeds.

Place carrot seeds 15 inches apart and 3/8 inch deep. Planting should begin in early spring. A little late frost will not harm your carrot crop. Cover the seedlings with organic mulch. Just a thin layer of mulch will suffice. Once the seedlings grow, add more mulch. Thin the carrots once in a while. Spacing out the carrots will make it easier for you to harvest them. To ensure that you have carrots throughout the growing season, plant a second crop 3-4 weeks after the first. This way you will have a steady harvest throughout the growing season. For a fall harvest, plant your late carrots 2-3 months before the first frosts hit your area.

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