Celery And Sodium Content  

Celery has very high sodium content. Celery is known to reduce blood pressure in a positive way. People, who suffer from high blood pressure, usually have the craving to eat salty foods. Celery being rich in sodium naturally quenches this desire to have salty foods. People on low salt diet can have celery sticks as a snack.

Celery also has a high potassium value at the same time. The mineral that replaces sodium in the body is potassium. So, by eating celery, your craving is met and also the potassium takes over the negative effects of sodium. Sodium facilitates water retention in the body. If the potassium does not replace sodium, then the water will remain inside the cells and that can cause swelling in the feet or hands. Doctors prescribe water removing pills for people with hypertension.

Celery can also reduce the dependence on hyper tension medications. When you eat fresh celery, you supply the body with the water it needs. Celery contains natural diuretics which remove the excessive water from the body. For people, who have problems or variation in blood pressure, having celery may solve it for them. By consuming celery on a regular basis they can even cure high blood pressure.

The sodium rich celery also has several other health benefits other than curing blood pressure. It can also cure digestive disorders, improve oral health and it also has anti cancer properties. Among all the available herbs, celery has the highest values of curative properties and can be used in multitude ways.

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Celery And Sodium Content




Celery-Health-Benefits      Celery has high nutritional values, and, therefore, immense health benefits. It is rich in Vitamin C, pthalides and coumarins. The latter two are a rich source of sodium and potassium. It also has various minerals like tryptophan, folate, fiber, molybdenum, manganese, phosphorous, calcium, and magnesium along with vitamins B6, B1 and B2. More..




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Celery And Sodium Content )
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