Celery Health Benefits  

Celery has high nutritional values, and, therefore, immense health benefits. It is rich in Vitamin C, pthalides and coumarins. The latter two are a rich source of sodium and potassium. It also has various minerals like tryptophan, folate, fiber, molybdenum, manganese, phosphorous, calcium, and magnesium along with vitamins B6, B1 and B2.

Celery belongs to the same family as carrots, fennel and parsley. The stalks of celery are crunchy and salty. Celery can be consumed in the form of stock, leaves and seeds.

In ancient traditions practiced in China and India, people believe that celery can treat bladder and kidney related problems. They extract the components of celery to relieve pain from gout attacks. It is a painful disorder caused due to high amounts of uric acid. Celery can also help rheumatism and related ailments.

As mentioned earlier, celery is rich in Vitamin c. Vitamin c is the best antioxidant and has anti ageing properties. It also reduces asthma, osteoarthritis and helps to prevent cholesterol. It can bring down high blood pressure. Celery can also help prevent colds and increase the immune system strength in the body.

Celery fights blood pressure and decreases high blood pressure considerably. It has high sodium and potassium content which help fighting blood pressure. They relax the blood vessels and reduce stress in the body. They also act as a muscle relaxant, and help cure the pain due to swelling and arthritis.

Celery helps to fight and prevent cancer. It prevents the growth of tumors, and the cancer from advancing. Celery contains carotene which effectively removes excess sodium from the body. Celery has sodium, potassium and carotene along with hoards of other properties.

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Celery Health Benefits




Celery-Nutritional-Value      Celery has high nutritional value. The other vegetables and herbs in the same family are carrots, parsley and celery leaves. Celery has several benefits including weight loss, anti ageing, anti cancer, high blood pressure medication and so on. There are several benefits one can gain from the minerals and vitamins present in celery. More..




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