Facts On Celery  

There are several beneficial effects of celery for the human body. Celery is the best herb according to the Chinese and Indian medicine. It has several nutritional values that no other vegetable or herb has.

Here are some interesting facts on celery.

  • Every part of the celery plant is useful. The stock can be had in salads as celery sticks. The leaves are used for garnishing and also cooking. The seeds are used for oil and cooking. The roots are used in medicines.
  • Celery is tasty and healthy to eat. Celery has vitamin B6, B12 and Calcium. It also has sodium, potassium and magnesium.
  • In ancient times, Hippocrates described celery as a nerve soother.
  • In ancient Rome, celery was considered to be an aphrodisiac.
  • In 30 AD, celery was used to relieve pain.
  • In the 18th century, a French courtesan had celery soup everyday in order to attract the king. She also fed the king celery soup everyday.
  • The famous Italian Casanova had celery everyday to increase his stamina.
  • With just one ounce of celery seeds, you can develop an acre full of celery plants.
  • Kalamazoo in Michigan grew celery widely and is known to be the celery city, the city of a strange vegetable.
  • One stalk of celery has only 10 calories and helps weight loss to a great extent.
  • Celery, onions and carrots are known as the holy trinity among vegetables. These three are used together in several dishes. The concept is more prevalent in France. Using celery onions and bell peppers together are more common in Mexican cuisine.


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Facts On Celery




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