How Long Does It Take For Corn To Grow ?

How Long Does It Take For Corn To Grow ?

Did you know that the corn which we eat is actually seeds? It is true what we eat is the seeds of the plant; and just like other plants, corn has to be cultivated when the temperature is neither too hot nor cold. Spacing the seeds between each row is an ideal way to get a good crop; and not mixing one variety with the other should also be kept in mind. So how long does corn take to grow?

To know whether you corn is ready to be picked, you will need to check the ears often. The ideal time to begin checking would be 30 days after the first strings of silk form. 

Corn requires constant weeding and watering when the silk threads are growing. Keep an eye out for pests such as corn earworms, corn rootworms, European corn borers and flea beetles. Corn is vulnerable to fungi, and make sure that you keep your eyes open for raccoons when the corn is ready to be picked.

There are two varieties in corn. When planting, bear in mind which one you have chosen. The first one is the earliest variety, and the second is the latest variety. The earliest varieties take about 58 days to ripen from the day they are planted, and the latest varieties take approximately 92 days to be ready for harvesting. Corn grows with a large ear and a short ear on every stalk. Each ear measures about seven to nine inches and have 12 to 16 kernels on each ear.


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How Long Does It Take For Corn To Grow