What Part Of Corn Do You Eat ?

What Part Of Corn Do You Eat ?

Are you fond of eating corn? Do you love to eat grilled corn during picnics and cookouts? Have you ever wondered which part of the corn you are eating? It is not just you, but most of us do not bother to find out which part or what we are eating as long as it is tasty, satisfies our hunger or appetite, and makes a good snack.

Actually we eat the kernels of the corn which are otherwise called the seeds of the corn. The kernel of the corn is the seed part of the corn plant, and if it is left to mature and dried, it can be re-used as seeds, planted again for another corn plants to grow.

Corn kernels or seeds vary in shapes and sizes, and are of different kinds and varieties. The kernel has a thin outer covering which is made of two layers. One layer is the outer pericarp and the other is the inner testa or the true seed coat. The endosperm in the kernel is about 0.66 of the total volume of the kernel, and it is completely full of starch except in varieties of sweet corn. The embryo is the miniature structure of the plant which helps the kernel develop if it is planted in the soil. The embryo is located at one side of the kernel in most varieties. However, at times it can be located in the middle of the kernel. This is what contains the oil in the corn. 


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What Part Of Corn Do You Eat