Is Cucumber A Fruit Or A Vegetable ?  

        Many people who regularly use cucumber for cooking or eat cucumber wonder whether it is a fruit or a vegetable. In order to come up with the right answer, we have to take a look at facts. So, with further ado, here are the facts that will finally answer the question whether cucumber is a fruit or a vegetable.More...


What Is The Nutritional Value Of A Cucumber ?

What Is The Nutritional Value Of A Cucumber

Cucumber is not only nutritious, it is also low in calories. In fact, dieters should consume cucumbers if they are serious about reducing their calorie intake. However, besides being used as a food, cucumber is also used as a beauty aid by women and men. When applied on the skin, cucumber juice enhances the appearance of the skin, and cucumber slices when applied on the eyes, help to reduce puffiness.More...



Cucumber Diseases

Cucumber Diseases

If you intent growing cucumber in your vegetable garden, you should be aware of the various cucumber diseases that can affect your vegetable. Cucumber is quite susceptible to a disease known as anthracnose. You can identify this cucumber disease by the reddish brow marks or black marks on the fruit or the plant. It usually occurs during warm and wet weather conditions.More...



Cucumber Nutritional Value

Cucumber Nutritional Value

Cucumber is a fruit which belongs to the gourd family just like the pumpkin, squash and zucchini. It belongs to the same genus as muskmelon. However, owing to the uses of cucumber, it is often labeled as a vegetable rather than a fruit.More...



Growing Cucumbers In Pots

Growing Cucumbers In Pots

If you live in an apartment, you will not have the luxury of having a vegetable garden. However, you should not despair as there are certain vegetables that can be grown in pots. One such vegetable is the cucumber. In fact, growing cucumbers in pots could be a good way of using space in your balcony or kitchen.More...



History Of The Cucumber

History Of The Cucumber

The humble cucumber is used as a vegetable and also for many beauty treatments. There is evidence to show that cucumber cultivation has been going on for more than 3,000 years. This vegetable originated in India, and was taken from there to Greece and Italy. Most probably the ancient Romans should get the credit for spreading the cucumber to other parts of Europe.More...



How To Grow Cucumbers ?

How To Grow Cucumbers

You can easily grow cucumber if you go about growing it the correct way. In order to know how to grow cucumber, you need to make yourself aware of some facts. This way you will not go wrong.More...




How To Make Cucumber Relish ?

How To Make Cucumber Relish

Cucumber is a fruit that can be eaten raw, cooked or consumed a relish. It is a healthy fruit to consume because of high fiber content, calcium content and Vitamin C content. Since it has low calories, it can be eaten by people who are dieting.More...

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Cucumber-Facts      Here are a few facts about cucumber that you may not have known earlier. Cucumis sativus, or the cucumber as we commonly know it as, is of the same genus as the muskmelon. It belongs to the gourd family of Cucurbitaceae. More..




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