Growing Garden Peas  

         There are several types of garden pea plants. Originally peas were cooked with the tender tops, but now the peas are removed from their shells and used.


              Some of the varieties of peas you get are shelled peas, snow peas, sugar pod peas and snap peas. Peas need rather cool weather to grow, and if the weather is conducive for growth, peas can grow throughout the year. There is no specific season for harvest. That is one of the reasons why peas are available right round the year.More...


Planting Peas And Green Beans In A Container Garden

Planting Peas And Green Beans In A Container Garden

Peas and green beans can be grown in the garden or a container. In a container, it becomes easier to maintain the plants and you can keep replacing them. Also, peas and green beans are easy to grow. Both plants need room upwards to grow as they tend to spread out on the top.More...



How To Preserve Peas For Next Year Garden?

How To Preserve Peas For Next Year Garden

You can preserve peas for either eating them throughout the year or for the next year's garden. You can preserve the seeds from your own harvest for the following year, and this is quite possible. Also, if the peas you grew were tasty, then you should preserve them. You can also cut costs on investing for a whole new set of seeds each year. It is a simple process, and anyone could do it without much effort.More...


Mold On Garden Peas

Mold On Garden Peas

Growing peas needs a lot of preparation. The ground has to be prepared in such a way so that peas are healthy when they grow. When you are turning the soil, make sure you add generous amount of organic compost to it. Manure can be made with rotten leaves and hay. Once the peas start growing, you need to watch out for insects, and also problems like mold.More...

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How-To-Freeze-Garden-Peas      Peas are nice vegetables to have throughout the year. However, storing them can be a pain if you do not know how to. By freezing peas in the right way, you can preserve them for a long period of time. So, here is how to freeze garden peas. More..




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