How Do You Store Fresh Garlic ?

How Do You Store Fresh Garlic ?

One of the best ways to store fresh garlic is to keep it in a cool dark place. There should be no moisture, and the container should be left open or have vents for free flow of air. A temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for storage of garlic. You can place the garlic in open ceramic or glass containers. Traditional garlic keepers too work well for garlic storage. Wrap the leaves of the garlic around it when you store it.

Before storing garlic, ensure that it is thoroughly dry and has no bruises. It should be firm to the touch when pressed lightly. Discard cloves that are soft. Keep only the firm ones for storage. Do not refrigerate garlic as its pungent aroma will get into other food items kept in the fridge. Also, the refrigerator is too cool for garlic to actually preserve it.

If you do not have a garlic keeper, keep you garlic in a paper bag. This will allow air to circulate, but block the light from reaching it.

It is best to buy loose garlic heads rather than in bags, especially plastic ones. Choose white and firm garlic heads as they will store better. Wire mesh baskets too make great garlic containers. You can store minced garlic in the refrigerator for some time if you use an airtight container. As most recipes call for only one or two cloves of garlic, you need a way to store the rest of the garlic bulb you bought. So, it makes sense to buy a garlic keeper if you have the space for one in your kitchen.

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How Do You Store Fresh Garlic