Benefits Of Holy Basil  

Holy basil is used in India at large and people even worship it. That is why it is called the holy basil. In Hindu religion, the holy basil is worshipped in several different ways as a part of tradition. However, leaving tradition aside, there are many benefits from this plant.

Holy basil is an herb, and it has several curative properties. The plant's medicinal properties are helpful in increasing memory, and also it serve as a nerve tonic. It is helpful in removing phlegm from the bronchial tube. It strengthens the stomach muscles and walls. The seeds of the plant are considered as mucilaginous.

Holy basil is commonly used in treating cough and common cold. In India, during the rainy season, diseases like dengue and malaria are prevalent. The leaves of the plant are boiled along with tea and served. This helps to increase the immunity against such diseases.

It is very effective in treating coughs and soothing the throat. It acts as an expectorant and just by chewing the leaves of the plant it can help in the cure.

It is effective for curing most of the respiratory disorders. The leaves of the plant are brewed in hot water and then honey and lime are added to the concoction. This is an excellent medication for treating any breathing related problem.

Juice of holy basil leaves help to cure kidney stones. If a person, who has the problem of kidney stones, consumes this juice regularly for six months, then the stones will disappear.

It has found to be effective in treating several children’s ailments also.

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Benefits Of Holy Basil




Dangers-Of-Holy-Basil      The holy basil is one herb that has been found to cure several small ailments, including the common cold and cough. Scientifically it has been proven that the plant has several curative properties. The goodness of basil helps in treating conditions like asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, diabetes, cold, fever, ulcers and rheumatoid illnesses. It also treats several other kinds of pain, earaches, epilepsy, heart diseases, malaria, sinusitis, snake bite, stomach ache and vomiting. More..




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