Side Effects Of Holy Basil  

Holy basil is the most common among all herbs that are used in alternative medicine. Scientific research on basil shows many medicinal properties of the herb that are useful in curing various diseases. Holy basil is widely used in India, and is called Tulsi, which means the unequaled one in Sanskrit.

Holy basil is a plant from the mint family. There are several benefits of using this plant on a daily basis. By drinking a concoction made by boiling the leaves or eating the leaves, increases the strength of the immune system, cures digestive problems, cures problems related to the respiratory organs and also has anti cancer properties. Ayurvedic physicians widely recommend the usage of this herb on a daily basis. However, there are some exceptions to it.

There are very few side effects known by using holy basil. Some of them are people who use medications like aspirin and paracetamol cannot use holy basil regularly. Also, doctors ask nursing mothers to refrain from consuming the holy basil. The plant has been used as a medication from thousands of years so there are no visible dangers by using it. Since it has a tendency to decrease the blood sugar values, people who suffer from low blood sugar should use it sparingly. Prolonged use of the herb in animals shows that it can decrease fertility. So, it is recommended that women, who are trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding their children, should avoid it. Also it is not recommended for usage in children. It should always be done under a physician’s supervision.

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Side Effects Of Holy Basil




What-Is-Holy-Basil      Holy basil is a very popular herb in India, and is prevalent by the name of Tulsi. It is considered to be a holy plant and the Hindu religion even worships it. Holy basil is also found in Malaysia, Central America, South America and other tropical countries. In ancient medicine, it has been used widely for treating several diseases, including lowering cholesterol, fighting respiratory infections and curing digestive problems. More..




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Side Effects Of Holy Basil )
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