Harvesting Romaine Lettuce

Harvesting Romaine Lettuce

It is an era of fast cooking and fast eating. If there is something that you can get fast and healthy, it is a perfect salad made from lettuce that is home-grown with a good combination of dressing. Did you know that produce markets do not stock many varieties that can be grown at home?

Here are a few tips when harvesting Romaine lettuce that is grown at home.

Different people have many theories regarding harvesting lettuce. However, it all depends on the type of lettuce you have grown and how long it takes to be harvested. If you leave a lettuce head without harvesting for a longer period, it would form into a seed stalk and the taste will be bitter.

Irrespective of which type of lettuce you have planted, it is advisable to harvest them earlier than waiting for too long. The ideal time to harvest Romaine lettuce is in the early part of the morning. This is the time when lettuce is at its best and tastes better than the heads that are harvested around noon or evening.

When harvesting Romaine lettuce, you will need to wait till you find the leaves having a white-colored rib running right down from the center. If you notice that your Romaine lettuce is standing upright in a closed cluster of leaves, it is the right time to harvest.

To harvest Romaine lettuce, take a sharp knife and cut off the complete plant near the line of soil. Once you harvest the lettuce, rinse it well. Lettuce is best eaten when fresh. So remember to use it the moment you have harvested it.


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Harvesting Romaine Lettuce