Nutritional Value Of Iceburg Lettuce

Nutritional Value Of Iceburg Lettuce

The most popular of all types of lettuces is the iceberg lettuce. It is also known as crisphead lettuce. However, it has been found that the nutritional value of the iceberg lettuce is far less compared to other types of lettuce, which are darker in color. Still, iceberg lettuce is preferred since it is a healthy choice and it is low in saturated fats and has absolutely no cholesterol.

Iceberg lettuce is a good source of iron too, and it is good for people who are on a high-fiber diet. This variety of lettuce has omega fatty acids that are good for the whole body along with folate, which helps to fight heart diseases.

Here is the nutritional value of iceberg lettuce. The following value is for raw and uncooked iceberg lettuce.

Water -- 52.60mg
Calories -- 8mg
Protein -- 0.50mg
Carbohydrates -- 1.63g
Fiber -- 0.7g
Sugars -- 0.97g
Total Fat -- 0.08g.
Saturated Fat -- 0.010g
Mono Unsaturated Fat -- 0.003g
Poly Unsaturated Fat -- 0.041g
Cholesterol -- 0mg

Iceberg Lettuce contains many minerals and vitamins like the following:

Calcium -- 10mg
Iron -- 0.23mg
Magnesium -- 4mg
Phosphorus -- 11mg
Potassium -- 78mg
Sodium -- 6 mg
Zinc -- 0.08mg
Vitamin C -- 1.5mg
Thiamin -- 0.023mg
Riboflavin -- 0.014mg
Niacin -- 0.068mg
Pantothenic Acid -- 0.050 mg

Vitamin B6 -- 0.0230 mg
Vitamin B12 -- 0 mcg
Folate -- 16 mcg
Vitamin A -- 276 IU
Vitamin E -- 0.10 mg
Vitamin K -- 13.3 mcg
Phyto sterols -- 6 mg
Beta Carotene -- 164 mcg
Beta Cryptoxanthin -- 0 mcg
Lutein and Zeaxanthin -- 152 mcg

Iceberg lettuce has a lower scale nutritional value when compared to other types of lettuce. However, the crispiness of the lettuce is what makes it the most preferred one over other types of lettuce.


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Nutritional Value Of Iceburg Lettuce