Types Of Lettuce

Lettuce is grown almost everywhere. It is a cool weather crop, growing at its best in the early parts of spring and early summer. Too much heat can make the lettuce taste bitter, and if we want them fresh and tasty, it is wise to go to a farmers' market to get the best harvest of lettuce and salad greens.

There are many types of lettuce, and a few of the most popular lettuces are mentioned below:

Arugula: It is also known as rocket lettuce. It is pepper flavored with long-spiky dark green leaves. The wild varieties of arugula have the most pungent of all flavors and you can find them at most farmers' markets. The cultivated varieties of arugula are available almost everywhere, and they are different from the wild varieties in terms of strength and flavor. Arugula is stronger in taste, especially if it has larger leaves.

Boston or Butter Lettuce: This is the most commonly available lettuce. This variety of leetuce has a crisp head since it forms a compact head when it is growing. Though not as compact as iceberg lettuce, butter lettuce has a soft texture, and it has huge cupped leaves. When purchasing this variety, it is better to buy the ones that are pale green or have a reddish tinge.

Little Gems Lettuce: This variety of lettuce is soft and does not have too much crispness and crunch. The little gems lettuce is suitable for vinaigrette. It tastes delicious when combined with thin slices of radish or asparagus.

The other types of lettuce are Mache or also known as Lamb lettuce; Mesclun lettuce; Mizuna lettuce; Oak Leaf lettuce; Romaine lettuce; Watercress; and Iceberg lettuce.


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Types Of Lettuce